Witty Stitches Eye Patches

         Turn Your Child's Vision
Handicap Into A Fashion Statement!



  1. How much do you charge for shipping?

    All items ship free. 

  2. Do you ship internationally?

    We do ship out of the United States. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery. Items will ship on any business day except Holidays.

  3. Why don't you track the shipping on smaller items?

    In order to keep our shipping costs to the buyer as low as possible (free) we do not offer delivery confirmation unless the order is five pieces or more. 

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  1. Do you accept returns?

    Yes. If a refund is desired, customer must notify us before returning and give a reason for the request.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs on refunds. 

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  1. How do I know you received my payment?

    All payments are processed through Paypal. You will receive a payment confirmation immediately after purchase that will confirm payment was processed successfully. 

  2. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all forms of credit card payments that can be processed through Paypal. This includes Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

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Kids AND Adults

  1. I need an Eye Patch for an Adult. Will they fit?

    Yes. We have and continue to make adult sized eye patches. Please specify in the payment details and we would be happy to oblige! 

  2. My child needs likes a pattern I don't see listed. Could you customize one for them?

    Yes, we do customizations all the time. As long as it doesn't violate any copyrights (Walt Disney, for example) we would be happy to search our inventory to get it for you. 

  3. I have the material that my child wants their Eye Patch made out of. Can I ship it to you?

    Yes. Only ship to us the material necessary for the project. Extra material may not be returned. Contact us for further information. 

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